This game-ready 1440p Dell monitor is a cool $150 on Cyber Monday

Amid the scores of monitor deals (and so-called “deals”) during Black Friday and Cyber Monday, only just a few budget models are worth a look. The best of them is a humble 27-inch Dell model, which sports a 1440p resolution and 75Hz refresh rate. Now down to an incredible $150, it’s considerably cheaper than its best sale price earlier this year, and 37 percent off its current list price.

This IPS panel is not officially marketed as a gaming monitor, but it’s plenty capable of it, thanks to a refresh rate over 60Hz and support for FreeSync. AMD’s variable refresh rate tech makes the refresh rate of your display match the frame rate output of your graphics card, making for ultra-smooth gaming. Once you try it, you won’t want to go back to a monitor without such a feature.

Another bonus: The thin bezels on the Dell S2721D work well in multi-monitor setups. Not saying you need two (or more…), but if you’re an office drone who can make use of more screen real estate, it won’t cost as much to upgrade your desktop setup.

Heads-up, though: This deal is a limited time offer, and expires in just six hours or when stock runs out (which ever comes first). If you’re tempted, don’t delay too long in jumping on this deal, as you could miss out.

Dell S2721D 27-inch 1440p 75Hz monitor for $150 at Dell

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